Big-scale change in capital market in 2 years


Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) Chairman Shibli Rubayat-Ul-Islam said that a big-scale change would take place in capital market within next two years.

“We hope that a very big-scale change will take place in the capital market within the next two years. Only then, we’ll be able to come out from the “Shallow Capital Market”. We’re going to all the financial hubs or commercial centers across the globe. We’ve already visited Dubai and received a good response,” he said.

Prof Shibli was speaking at the maiden ‘Economic Reporters’ Forum (ERF) Dialogue on Business and Economy’ at the ERF office in the capital on Saturday.

He said that BSEC has targeted at least six big industrial local conglomerates to bring on the stock markets to remove the crisis of quality shares on the markets.

The annual turnover of those six companies is above $2.5 billion. And of the six companies, one company has nearly $4 billion annual turnover, Shibli said.

“The company which has the $4 billion turnover has already contacted the BSEC for offloading its share on the stock market,” said the BSEC chairman.

He said many people think that Bangladesh has not such big companies. But, it is true that there are so many companies in Bangladesh which have $1 billion turnover in a year, he added.


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