E-Payment mandatory on higher duty

National Board of Revenue (NBR) has made it mandatory to make e-payment from July if the customs duty of an invoice of import and export products crosses Tk 200 thousand.

The revenue board has also made it mandatory from next January to make e-payment for all customs duty against import and export invoices, NBR said in a press release on Monday.

Senior Information Officer of NBR Syed A Momen told media that it has already been decided to make e-payment of customs duty on import and export operations.

“But we have recently taken decision to make e-payment of customs duty mandatory from next July if the duty crosses Tk2 lakh. From next January, e-payment method will be followed to pay all kinds of customs duty,” he added.

Then the customs officials give permission to unload goods when they become sure that the duty is deposited with the state coffer through banks. Under the e-payment system, the customs officials will automatically determine the customs duty of goods.

Then the concerned importers and exporters will instantly get permission of unloading goods once customs duty is paid digitally.


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