Hasan urges countrymen to abide by rules

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud  urged the countrymen to abide by the rules and restrictions of lockdown.

“The government has declared the lockdown in the interest of the people to protect the countrymen from Coronavirus. So, I’m requesting all to maintain the rules in the interest of yourself, family and the country as well,” he told newsmen at his official residence in city’s Mintu Road.

Hasan, also Awami League joint general Secretary, added: “I’m also urging the party (Awami League) leaders and activists to stand beside the poor people during the lockdown.”

The minister said the new variant of COVID 19 is more powerful and contagious. “The government never wants to prolong the lockdown. But the step has been taken for the health protection of the countrymen. We also don’t think that long-term lockdown is not a solution. It is possible to control COVID19, if everyone maintains the rules of health protection,” he added.

He said the leaders and activists of Awami League along with the government stand beside the people from the very beginning of the COVID19. Five central leaders of the party (AL) died due to the virus and many leaders have been infected, he added.

Besides, the minister said, over 125 AL lawmakers were infected with COVID 19 and many of them died. About seven to eight hundred AL leaders and activists died due to the virus, he added.


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