Microsoft recieves Vat registration

Microsoft, the introducer of most widely used operating system Windows, on Thursday obtained Value Added Tax (VAT) registration from the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Through the registration, the non-resident company will have to submit monthly VAT returns to the government from now on.

Microsoft is the fourth tech giant after Google, Facebook and Amazon that got registration from the VAT Commissionerate Dhaka South last month.

Microsoft Regional Sales Pte Ltd, Singapore registered for Business Identification Number on behalf of the leading American tech company, said SM Humayun Kabir, commissioner of VAT Commissionerate Dhaka South.

“We will now get returns from these tech companies and do auditing after the companies get registration,” he said.

Kabir said the NBR was getting revenues as bank used to deduct VAT during payments to these companies by clients for taking services such as giving advertisement digitally. “Now we will get a clear picture of how much revenue we are getting from the global technology companies,” he said.


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