MLM, gambling, lottery ban in ecommerce

The multilevel marketing (MLM), gambling or any sort of lottery cannot e conducted through digital commerce or e-commerce sites. It was informed at a meeting regarding the issuance of ‘Digital Commerce Management Guide-2021’.

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi presided over the meeting held on an online platform on Tuesday. The Ministry of Commerce has finalised the Digital Commerce Management Guide 2021. It was published in the form of a gazette last Sunday.

The guideline has been prepared considering the disadvantage of the services of digital commerce or e-commerce organisations, under the revised National Digital Commerce Policy passed in 2020.

The guidelines are finalized based on the views of the concerned ministries, government and non-government organizations and stakeholders, including the Ministry of Commerce.

It provides detailed explanations on other issues including display of information of products for sale in the marketplace, general rules, presentation for sale of products in the marketplace, product delivery, advance payment price adjustment and other issues.

At the time, about the Digital Commerce Management Guidelines the Commerce Minister said, payment must be made to the seller within 10 days of receipt of delivery of the product from the marketplace. If there is any other sort of agreement between the seller and the e-commerce, it must be met.

No more than 10% advance can be accepted in case of ready-to-ship items and the items cannot be transferred to the delivery person or company within 48 hours of receipt of advance payment. However, up to 100 percent advance can be taken through Escrow, he added.

Delivery must be confirmed within 5 days in the same city, 10 days in a different city after full payment and any complaint must be resolved within 72 hours.


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