Aleshamart defies government’s directive

E-commerce company Aleshamart said they would not be able to completely comply with the government’s directive of delivering products to customers during the lockdown.

In a Facebook post Saturday, it said the delivery might need more than 45 days due to the lockdown.

Earlier on July 4, the government asked the e-commerce platforms to deliver goods within 10 days of placing order. It notified the customers that the delivery timeline for the products under campaigns couldn’t be delivered within 45 days amid lockdown announced by the government.

After allegations of financial anomalies, major payment gateways have suspended payment services for some e-commerce sites including Alesha Mart.

To bring the e-commence platforms under a regulation, the government issued a gazette notification asking the e-commerce organization to ensure product delivery within five days for the capital city Dhaka and 10 days for outside the capital.

Mobile banking service bKash also withdrew the transactions with different online platforms including Aleshamart and Evaly.

About their Facebook post, the Aleshamart officials said that the company is struggling to manage the orders and delivery of products amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We can hardly manage the delivery of the products during the lockdown situation. So it takes time. However, we follow all the regulations of the government,” Quazi Tanzilur Rahman, a spokesperson of Aleshamart, told a newspaper on Sunday.

Regarding the conducting online business without digital payment, the officials said Aleshamart has continued discussion with the banks and other stockholders to restore the services.


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