BNP issues contradictory statements over lockdown

Taking a swipe at BNP’s criticism about the lockdown, Awami League Joint General Secretary and Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said BNP is issuing contradictory statements over the lockdown.

“What is the planned lockdown of BNP? Is it like keeping people hostage for 158 days from 2013 to 2015? Before imposing the lockdown, they (BNP) said that the country needs strict lockdown,” he told newsmen at a view exchange meeting at secretariet on Monday.

“After enforcing shutdown, BNP said that it was unplanned. Then what is planned lockdown?” he posed a question.

He said before issuing such statements, BNP should bear in their mind that they held the countrymen captive for 158 days from 2013 to 2015 by enforcing hartals and blockades. Presently, the government announced the lockdown for saving the life of people, he added.

The lockdown method, he said, has been adopted not only in Bangladesh, but also in almost all countries including the neighbours and European countries. “Bangladesh is going through the (corona) situation for about one and a half years. But, none died of starvation,” said Hasan.


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