Sajeeb Wazed Joy turns 51

The 51st birthday of Bangabandhu’s grandson Sajeeb Wazed Joy is being celebrated on Tuesday  amid increasing public expectations about his future role in political arena as by now he played the pivotal role for ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

Despite being a leading political figure, Joy so far preferred a distinct course of action unlike any conventional politician, to materialize the electoral pledge of the party he belongs to and his mother Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina leads to build a Digital Bangladesh.

Contemporary political history suggests that Joy, also Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ICT Affairs Adviser, was a key figure in formulating the Awami League’s Vision 2021 manifesto, based-on what the party was reelected thrice to power since 2008.

Being a member of Bangladesh’s most illustrious political family, Joy’s character largely reflects the qualities of his grandfather Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who founded the country to remain as the Father of the Nation.

A graduate in computer engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in the United States, Joy was born in 1971, coinciding with the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation. His father Dr MA Wazed Miah was an internationally reputed nuclear scientist.

Joy attended the Kennedy School of Government at one of world’s most famous Harvard University, which taught him the governance issues and earned him the Masters degree in Public Administration.

According to observers, Joy successfully could combine his academic learning on these two disciplines to be applied in leading the Digital Bangladesh campaign.

His excellence earned him the honour of being selected as one of the “250 Young Global Leaders of the World” in 2007 Davos summit of World Economic Forum, which is said to largely set the global affairs.


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