Few political parties spreading confusion over CII: ICT Division

ICT Division issued a press release saying few political parties and organisations are out to spread confusion making fabricated comments over Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).

“It is sorrowfully noticed that few political parties and organisations recently are spreading confusion in people’s minds by making fabricated comments saying no information will be got from critical information infrastructures announced by Information and Communication Technology Division,” the release reads.

It said CII is an external or virtual infrastructure announced by government which controls, process, transmit or preserve information-data or any electronic information.

If it is damaged or face any danger, public security or economic security or public health, national security or state integrity or sovereignty can face harmful impacts, the release said.

The government announced 29 institutions as CII issuing gazette notification considering the aforementioned matters following the provisions of section 15 of Digital Security Act 2018.

As important and financial information are preserved at those institutions, it is essential to ensure cyber security of the institutions.CII is also designated in many countries including India, Korea and the UK.

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