No new international agreements before national polls: Foreign Minister

Bangladesh is following balanced foreign policy; Election following country’s governance.

Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen has given emphasize and said that Bangladesh will exercise prudence and not hastily engage in new international agreements with other countries in a cautious approach ahead of the national elections.

The minister responds to a question from the journalists after giving certificates to the students of a private university in the Shahi Eidgah area of Sylhet city on Saturday, August 12  afternoon. He said that Bangladesh is an independent state. There is a position of the country under this government. So “We are following a balanced foreign policy.”

In terms of upcoming BRICS conference, The Minister said, “They have invited Bangladesh; it seems that the prime minister will join the conference. Even if BRICS does not include new countries this year, there will be meetings with the heads of state of many countries. There will be discussion on various topics. Inshaallah the prime minister will go there.”

Mentioning the ongoing political situation, Momen said that Bangladesh does not run following advice of any foreign power. The next election will follow the country’s own governance policy.

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