273 women and girls were tortured in August

Bangladesh Mahila Parishad

At least 273 women and girl children were tortured across Bangladesh in August 2023, according to a report released by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) on Thursday, August 31. Of the victims, 61 including 42 girls were raped while 10 of them, including seven girls, committed suicide after the incident, says a press release.

The report was prepared on the basis of reports published in 13 national dailies in August.

According to the report, some 43 women and girls were murdered and 23 died mysteriously while 30, including 14 girls, committed suicide. The human rights body reported that a total of 22 women and girls faced sexual harassment and 18 were subjected to physical assault while another three were teased.

In addition, 19 including 17 girls were abducted while one attempt was made to abduct a girl.

At least three were victims of child marriages while seven attempts were made on the same ground. Some 15 were tortured because of dowry while seven of them were murdered.

The  Mahila Parishad report said some 298 women and girls were tortured in July 2023 in the country.

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