Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urges expats to brighten image of Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday reiterated her call to the Bangladeshi expatriates to put in their all-out efforts in brightening the country’s image and dignity before the world community.

While the United Kingdom (UK) Awami League (AL) leaders along with its front and associate bodies called on her at her place of residence, she said, “I would like to call upon all of you to brighten the image of the country.”

Sheikh Hasina said that a section of people living abroad are making deliberate slander against the country. Some people, who left the country being involved in various offences or misdeeds or corruption and who have lost their jobs due to illegal acts, are defaming the country deliberately. They didn’t see any good and development works (of the government) rather always find wrong deeds all over Bangladesh.

Asking her party men to enhance their activities on digital and social media platforms to tackle this despicable propaganda, Sheikh Hasina emphasized carrying out publicity of the development works of the AL government and its front and associate bodies before the people.

Asking the critics (of the government and its development works) to travel Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said that there is no hue and cry in the rural Bangladesh. She further said, “I can claim that living standard of rural people in Bangladesh has improved a lot and if Awami League remains in power, we will ensure all other remaining necessary works for their developed life.”

She mentioned that poverty in Bangladesh has been brought down to 18 percent from 41 percent, while extreme poverty reduced to five percent and unemployment rate now stood at only three  percent due to different initiatives implemented by the government.

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