Sheikh Hasina denounces Israeli attacks on Palestine, calls for ending war

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the Parliament strongly condemned Israel’s brutal attack on Palestine people, demanding access and open the service sector there to reduce the miseries of people.

She said, “Human rights are talked about, but here (Palestine) human rights are constantly being violated. It must be stopped. We don’t want this killing and war.”

The Premier was speaking in a general discussion on a proposal on Israeli attack on innocent Palestine people on Monday.

Ruling Awami League lawmaker and former Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali placed the proposal that says the opinion of the Parliament is that Bangladesh National Parliament strongly condemns the brutal genocide carried out by Israel on the Palestinian people and strongly demands that this killing be stopped.

“Israel’s brutal killings in Palestine have caused an extreme disaster of human rights. This Parliament calls on all the conscientious people, states and institutions of the world to come forward to protect human rights in Palestine and calls upon the Muslim Ummah of the world to come forward effectively to protect the Palestinian people and establish their just, independent and sovereign state,” reads the proposal.

Supporting the independent state of Palestine, Sheikh Hasina, also Leader of the House, urged to accept the justified demands of Palestine. She added, “We want the Palestinians to get back their state.”

The Premier said that human rights are being violated continuously in Palestine, and women and children are the most affected. She mentioned that very often the western countries gave sermons about human rights, but Palestine people are living in very inhuman condition.

“The mother took shelter in hospitals with their children considering that hospitals are safe. But, the Israeli forces carried out air attack there killing women and children. A terrible thing happened. We have no words to condemn it. How could they attack a place like a hospital?”

The Prime Minister said that this kind of brutality cannot be accepted. “We can never accept such incidents. It is our responsibility as a human being to protest against such incidents.” She said that Bangladesh is always on the side of the Palestinians. Fifteen lawmakers from treasury and opposition bench participated in the hour-long discussion. After the discussion, the proposal was adopted unanimously in parliament.

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