Gold price hits record high in history of country

The price of gold has increased again in a span of 10 days as the price of 22-carat gold has hit Tk 1,04,626 per bhori, the record highest in the history of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association (Bajus) announced the new price raising by Tk 1,750 on Sunday, November 5 through a press release.

It said the Bajus set the new rate as the price of gold has increased in the local market. The price will come into effect from Monday, November 6.

The earlier historic high was Tk 1,02,876 a bhori, which came into effect on October 27 this year. Besides, 21-carat gold will be sold at Tk 99,902 per bhori, 18-carat gold at Tk 85,614 per bhori, and gold of traditional method at Tk 71,325 per bhori.

However, the price of silver remained unchanged while the price of 22-carat silver is Tk 1,715 per bhori, 21-carat silver at Tk 1,633 per bhori, 18-carat silver Tk 1,400 per bhori, and silver of traditional method Tk 1,050 per bhori.

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