BNP is not a political party, rather, it is a terrorist party: Sheikh Hasina

Terming BNP as a “terrorist party,” Awami League (AL) President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said it is not a political party.

She made the remarks while speaking virtually at the public meetings held at Kushtia, Jhenidah, Satkhira, Netrakona, Rangamati and Bamna and Patharghata upazilas in Barguna district on Saturday (December 23) afternoon.

Sheikh Hasina joined in the public  meetings of those districts through video conference from the Dhaka District Awami League office at Tejgaon in the capital.

The AL President said BNP is not a political party, rather, it is a terrorist party. Jamaat-e-Islami is also a party involved in war crimes. “The country should be freed from the hands of war criminals and terrorists. If we can do it, we will be able to maintain the continuity of the trend of development.”

Sheikh Hasina alleged that BNP had resorted to arson terrorism again instead of joining the election. “They have indulged in arson terrorism again like that of 2013-14 to resist the election. They have appeared with a dreadful face. They are killing people by setting trains on fire.”

Questioning about the leadership of BNP, the premier asked who is their leader. Both of their leaders have been sentenced. “Khaleda Zia has been sentenced for indulging in corruption and embezzling the money of orphans, while her son Tareque Rahman killed many of our leaders and workers indulging in terrorism and militancy. Because of it, he left the country in 2007 making a bond signature that he would not do politics anymore. Now, he is giving directives to burn people to death staying abroad.”

Referring to the development spree in the country, the premier said the trend of development will continue when there will be a free and fair election. People will choose their candidates through elections which will lead to the continuity of development.

Sheikh Hasina said she does not do any such politics so that she will have to go to power by selling out the country.

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