There is a similarity between BNP and TIB languages: Hasan Mahmud

Foreign Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud has said informed quarters have questioned whether Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) published its report on the January 7 election in an effort to “give weapon” to anti-election and anti-democratic forces.

“It seems that there is a similarity in terms of language between what BNP says and what TIB is saying. It is our expectation that TIB will not work as a supportive force for the anti-election and anti-democratic forces,” he told reporters at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday ((January 18, 2024).

The Foreign Minister hoped that TIB will not turn into “a spokesperson for a group” and uphold its reputation without deviating from its neutral position.

The Awami League joint general secretary said he received several phone calls with questions about the TIB report.

Though TIB was supposed to do research on issues, in most cases they do not do any research, Hasan Mahmud claimed.

The Foreign Minister said the election was held in a festive atmosphere and international observers from the US, European Union, Commonwealth, OIC and others described it as “free and fair.”

He said it seems TIB came up with its report with refined remarks made by BNP leaders.

Hasan Mahmud said the Election Commission demonstrated a strong role with strict imposition of laws including cancellation of AL candidates and other measures.

“There was no appreciation of EC efforts in the TIB report,” he said.

“The 12th parliamentary election was a one-sided one that was staged to appear competitive,” Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has said in its report.

“It is an ominous sign regarding the future of democracy and democratic elections in Bangladesh,” said TIB Executive Director Dr Iftekharuzzaman at a press conference to share the findings of the anti-corruption watchdog’s study titled “The 12th Parliament Election Process Tracking.”

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