The Palestinian Genocide and the International Movement

Farhana Nila: Israel continues to commit genocide in Palestine in defiance of International Court of Justice and International Law. Helpless children are not saved from there. The defenseless people without food and clothing took shelter in a safe place by pulling tents to save their lives. Israeli forces bombarded there as well. But where is the end?

International movement against genocide in Palestine

On October 7, 2023, Gaza’s ruling group Hamas attacked Israeli territory. At that time, 1,139 Palestinians were killed in the attack. In addition, Hamas members took 240 hostages to Gaza. Israel continues to attack Gaza since that day. At least 34,600 Palestinians have been killed so far. Among them, the number of women and children is about 70 percent.

Palestinian supporters complain that the world is supporting Israel as America, England and Europe do not end this genocide.

International movement against genocide in Palestine

The world is protesting to stop this genocide of Palestinians. Demonstrations spread from April 18 in educational institutions including various universities in the United States to protest the Israeli aggression in Gaza. Mass arrests have started to stop that protest. So far 900 people have been arrested.

International movement against genocide in Palestine
Photo: Masud Rana

This time, in protest of the Israeli attack on Palestine and the arrest of the United States, protest marches and rallies have also started in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. On Thursday, May 10, protesters surrounded the US Embassy in Dhaka under the banner of students and protest marches.

Demonstrators denounced the United States for aiding Israel’s genocide at the time. They called on the whole world to speak up for Palestine.

International movement against genocide in Palestine
Photo: Masud Rana

At this time, they expressed solidarity with the persecuted Palestinians by chanting slogans. ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ chanted the rally. After that, the angry students started marching towards the US embassy. All types of vehicles on the road stopped. After that, the police stopped their program.

International movement against genocide in Palestine
Photo: Masud Rana

Protesters complain that the Israeli soldiers are still carrying out massacres in Gaza with the political, financial and military support of the United States. So they demanded to stop this genocide as soon as possible. Activists also called on the United Nations to play a more vocal role in the matter.

Photo: Masud Rana

Islami Andolon Bangladesh held a protest program at Baitul Mukarram in the capital (May 10) demanding the formation of an independent Palestinian state. The group’s senior Naib Ameer Syed Muhammad Faizul Karim urged the Bangladesh government to enlist fighters to fight for the oppressed people of Palestine. He also requested to prepare a list and send them to the state to fight against Israel.

Demanding the formation of an independent Palestinian state
Photo: Masood Rana

World has woken up. Now the thing to see is, after how many more people are killed in Palestine, will the world leaders wake up?

Farhana Haque Nila

Senior reporter

News Now Bangla

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