PM sees risk reopening school

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned government cannot put children at risk of death eopening educational institution
amid pandemic.

In reply to a recommended question from Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Mohammad Quader, the premier made the remark in parliament on Thursday.

She said that when schools were opened at one stage in America, they were forced to close later. Such incidents have happened in Europe as well as in England due to massive increase of infection.

“Why would we take this risk for boys and girls there?” she questioned. In her speech on the day, the Prime Minister also expressed her views on the peoples’ mixed reaction to auto-promotion across the country.

“I would like to say about auto-promotion, we didn’t have a semester system before. I came to the government for the first time and introduced this semester system. Therefore, a result is given on the basis of the test they have given throughout the year. This is what
England has given, many countries of the world have given,” she mentioned.

The Prime Minister said it’s not right that an auto-promotion has caused too much damage.

About a remark of opposition leader about enacting new law incorporating the madrasa education with the school education, the prime minister mentioned that her government wanted to bring everyone under one policy by formulating an education policy as her government wants the country to move forward.


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