bangladesh improves in cyber security

Bangladesh has risen from 73rd to 65th place in the global cyber security index compiled by the UK-based National Cyber Security Index (NCSI).

The index was compiled by the NCSI to assess the countries’ preparedness for basic cyber attacks and their efforts in managing cyber crime and major crises, said a release on Thursday.

The five-step indicators based on which the ranks are given, are: National Cyber Threat Identification, National Cyber Security System and Capability Identification, Selection of Important and Measurable Issues, Cyber Security Indicators and Development of Cyber Security Indicators.

According to the index published on the NCSI website, Greece is in the first position with a score of 96.10, said the release. The Czech Republic and Estonia are in second and third place with scores of 92.21 and 90.91 respectively.

With a score of 44.16 in the index, Bangladesh is ahead of all other countries in South Asia except India. In this region, Pakistan is ranked 66th with a score of 42.86 and China is ranked 80th with a score of 35.06.

While, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan managed to secure 93rd, 98th and 115th positions with scores of 28.57, 27.27 and 18.18 respectively.

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