Migrant women workers in Bangladesh due to insecurity

Farhana Nila: The number of migrant women workers in the world labor market is about half of the total number of workers. Many of these women participating in the labor market are less skilled and often face safety issues at work.. All conventions on women’s human rights and empowerment can serve as a strong support for the protection of the rights of migrant women workers. This is our expectation so that women workers do not become victims of torture and deprivation.

Women of Bangladesh Workers go abroad to get jobs to change their destiny. Carries foreign currency for the country. And many have fallen into the clutches of brokers and migrated abroad to become destitute. Many have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused. Migrant women workers have to deal with various challenges in the workplace in this way.

Advocate Salma Ali -President of BNWLA , said that the CEDAW Charter can serve as a leading document in the employment of migrant women workers and in establishing equal rights and equality in the workplace.

Member signing the charter under section 11.5 States have been asked to ensure that women workers have the right to health protection, including reproductive health, and safety in the workplace. But many migrant women workers are subjected to physical, emotional and sexual harassment while working abroad and returning home after work. In economic activities It is true that the path to economic empowerment has been paved through unfettered opportunities for participation, but on the other hand, a critical situation is being created where women’s human rights and security are at risk. Immigrant women workers are victims of gender-based discrimination and violence due to human rights violations.

Immigrants to that country Women workers who go as domestic workers have no idea about their social background and they are facing these problems. Thus they are being deprived of basic rights. Their human rights are being violated. Since 2016, Bangladesh has been ranked seventh in the world as a foreign exchange earning country. Although female migrant workers earn less than male migrant workers, they remit 90 percent of their income to the country. 50 percent of the male workers are sent there.

Recently, the private company BRAC According to the Migration Program, 100 Bangladeshi migrant women workers in Saudi Arabia are waiting to return home after being physically and mentally abused. Sexual harassment, physical harassment, physical abuse as well as sometimes employers and co-workers deprive men of their basic rights.

Experts say the UN Committee on the Rights of Migrant Workers needs to be further developed. Only then will the role of migrant workers in making a huge impact on the socio-economic condition of the country be evaluated.


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