Tiger captured alive !

An escaped tiger that killed a keeper at a zoo on Borneo island of Indonesia has been captured alive after a day on the loose, police said.

The white Bengal tiger was found wandering in a jungle surrounding Sinka Zoo in the town of Singkawang, West Kalimantan on Saturday, following its escape through a hole. Another tiger that broke free was shot dead earlier.

“We found and captured the second tiger by sedating it with a tranquillizer,” local police chief Prasetiyo Adhi Wibowo told journalists late on Saturday.

The pair of 18-month-old female Bengal tigers — previously thought to be Sumatran — escaped from the zoo after days of torrential rain created a hole near their enclosure.  A 47-year-old male zookeeper and several animals were found dead near the tiger cage.

The escape triggered a frantic search involving police, military and conservation officials, while locals were told to stay at home and avoid tourist attractions near the zoo while authorities hunted the animals.


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