Avoid crowded shopping

DGHS instructed

Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has instructed citizens to not do shopping in groups and avoid crowding shops amid coronavirus infection.

It also urged everyone to not roam around shopping malls or adjacent areas without reason.

A spokesperson for Covid-19 management at the DGHS, Dr Mohammad Robed Amin, who is also line director of the DGHS’s NCDC unit, mentioned a series of instructions to tackle the pandemic situation in the regular Covid-19 bulletin on Wednesday.

Dr Robed Amin said people with fever, cough, breathing problems, comorbidities and the elderly should avoid visiting shopping malls or kitchen markets. “These people have a higher risk of contracting the virus, and if they do, their condition will be more critical.”

He also advised shoppers to maintain a distance of at least three feet from other customers as well as shopkeepers.


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