Badhon describes Rehana as first Bangladeshi film clinches ‘Cannes’

Shamima Dola: June 3, 2021 was a red letter day for Bangladeshi director Abdullah Mohammad Saad who clinched an award in globally prestigious event of Cannes Film Festival. Director David Fremo announced the names Bangladesh and Abdullah Mohammad Saad for his nomination in official category of the festival which is first of its kind for any Bangladeshi film. Azmeri Haque Badhon played the central role in the movie titled Rehana Maryam Noor. Badhon shared the untold stories behind the scene in an exclusive interview with News Now Bangla as Editor Shamima Dola met the emerging actress recently. (With Video)


Regarding the feelings on recognition from global platform, Badhon explained as saying: “I am proud of this work. Its an collective result of team work led by director Abdullah Mohammad Saad. And the achievement is an item of proud for whole Bangladesh. We are excited and thrilled as well,” Despite having long career with small screen acting, Badhon had appeared to an audition round to play the central role at the movie, according to the actress. “The shootings were conducted in last quarter of 2018 at a medical college campus in Cumilla.

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We exercised rehearsal for three months to appear in one month long shooting,” she said. The movie became a successful one in result of collective effort from director and other co-artists. “Co-artists gave maximum effort to from their respective ends. We found the unexpected success as many of artists were armature who appeared before lens for first time. And I thought first to get others role instead of central character of the art film, “ Badhon added. Badhon shared her desire to work in a ‘good film’ for long time and the opportunity with Abdullah Mohammad Saad helps her to fulfill the dream.

Badhon“The whole process in the making of the film was different. For example, I can mention, that time for make a blink or moving eye ball are fixed on around. Besides, the word delivery on different heights was also directed by the film maker. Every shot was made in 20 to 25 shots on average. “I made my contributions up to 80 percent against the directions of the maker,” she said. On reply a question comparing the role to real life, Badhon mentioned that there is no similarity between Badhon and Mariyam.

“Real life experiences help Badhon to expose the character of Rehana. And the insight of the character made impact in life of Badhon later,”. Director Abdullah Mohammad Saad’s film ‘Rehana Maryam Noor’ has been selected under Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard section, which honours films that tell non-traditional stories.


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