Pori Moni alleges rape attempt

Actor Pori Moni claimed someone tried to rape and murder her.

She asked for justice through a status on her verified Facebook page on June 13. The post was addressed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Calling Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina “mother,” the post also stated that the actor sought help from law enforcement agencies to no avail.

“Where will I seek justice?” the post read. “I couldn’t find it in the last four days… Everyone listens to the details and never follows through. I’m a girl, I’m an actor, but before that, I’m a human being. I can’t remain silent.”

Pori Moni received sympathy of her followers in the comment section, who resounded her cry for justice. However, there was a fair amount of trolling as well calling the post tabloid fodder, among other malicious personal attacks.

The “Swapnojaal” actor refrained from naming the perpetrator


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