Pran Group to feed new poor

Pran Group has initiated campaign to provide monthly food assistance on demand to the new poor who can’t seek assistance despite losing earning source amid pandemic.

Under the corporate social responsibility initiative, the business conglomerate aims to reach food including rice, lentil, oil, salt, puffed rice, toast and noodles for meeting demand of a family for a month, according to officials.

Pran Group managing director Eleash Mridha detailed the campaign “Ahar Hobe Shobar Ghore” at a press conference on Thursday. Director Uzma Chowdhury was also present at the press conference at Pran head office in Dhaka.

“Many people lost earning source amid pandemic situation. Of which, some cannot seek assistant to anywhere. We want to reach the support to the silent community though this campaign,” Eleash Mridha said.“In the first phase, the campaign will run for 60 days targeting to reach 20 thousand families each month,” he added.

Officials informed that the field forces of Pran Group will reach the food assistance to the silent community on call at the number 02222281792. In this case, the identity of the caller will be kept private.

The needy ones can also submit the request over social media platforms of Pran Group apart from writing email to

Earlier, Pran Group reached the food to 0.4 million people in 36 places in the country under the initiative of “Pashe Asi Bangladesh”. This is a CSR initiative of Pran Group to help the poor affected for various calamities and crisis.

Under the initiative, the group started distributing emergency food and protective items to the poor and hospitals when the coronavirus started spreading in the country in March last year.

Eleash Mridha said, “We have taken the programme for the people who are facing hardship by losing jobs during the pandemic.”

“We see many people around us were self-sufficient but they are now helpless due to the pandemic. They need food assistance but can’t seek it help publicly,” he said.

He urged the people not to hesitate to dial the number to get the food and the confidentiality of the recipients would be maintained.

“Pran Group has 38 thousand of workforces in field level. We have capacity to reach the assistant to anywhere of the country. Under the first phase of the campaign, we will try to cover all upazilas,” Pran MD said.

Director Uzma Chowdhury said the Pran Group has already distributed food support under the CSR programme “Pashe Asi Bangladesh” among those who have become workless due to the pandemic.“This time, our aim is to stand beside lower and middle income people who need food support too,” she added.

Pran Group head of corporate brand Nurul Afser, public relations assistant general manager Touhiduzzaman and Jagonews24 acting editor Zeaul Haque were also present on the occasion.


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