Results of SSC: Girls outshine boys in pass rate, GPA 5

Pass rates dropped from last year; Girls outperforming since past 6yrs

Securing both a slightly higher pass rate and greater number of GPA-5 achievers, girls have once again outshone boys in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations.

 A total 98,614 girls secured GPA-5, while 84,964 boys did the same. The pass rate for female students was 81.88% as compared to 78.87% for male students.

Girls have consistently outperformed boys in the SSC and equivalent exams over the past six years, securing higher pass rates and numbers of GPA-5 achievers every time.

Although pass rates remain high, they have dropped from last year. The pass rate was 87.71% for girls and 87.16% for boys in 2022.

Among a total of 16,33,919 SSC candidates, 6,16,071 (79.34%) boys passed with 70,975 getting GPA-5. Besides, 7,06,375 (82.39%) girls passed with 88,245 getting GPA-5.

Among the 2,85,087 Dakhil candidates, 1,00,950 (72.29%) boys passed with 3,188 getting GPA-5. Besides, 1,12,014 (77.02%) girls passed with 3,025 getting GPA-5.







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