Climate change and changed weather caused increasing the number of dengue cases: LGRD minister Tajul Islam

Parvez Babul

LGRD minister Tajul Islam said the government is agitated over the current dengue situation in the country.

He has given emphasize in involvement of all the people in the fight against dengue, and said, every individual must play a proper role in raising awareness among the people of all levels both in cities and villages.

Analyzing the latest data on dengue cases in other Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and India, the minister mentioned that the number of dengue patients in Bangladesh is fewer compared to those countries.

During a press briefing at the ministry of LGRD in the capital today, August 10 the minister said to the journalists, “Climate change and changed weather caused increasing the number of dengue cases. The outbreak of dengue is increasing in the cities and spreading in the villages too.”

The minister said that the mayors of all the city corporations and the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts have been given guidelines to work hard preventing dengue cases.

Tajul Islam pointed out that making awareness is very important among all the people of the country irrespective of urban and village levels. If the people become aware to prevent dengue, it would be easier to reduce the number of patients and to save lives.

The Minister further said that the Government of Bangladesh is following the guidelines of World Health Organization to prevent dengue cases.


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