Govt allows to import 40m eggs from India on four conditions

The government allowed four companies to import 40 million of eggs from India “to bring stability in prices in the volatile local egg market.” Officials at the Ministry of Commerce on Monday said that the companies were asked to import the eggs to the country “as soon as possible.”

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said each of the four companies will be able to import 10 millions of eggs.
He said, “Our objective is to bring down egg prices in the local market. In order to achieve that objective, we have given permission to import eggs. We will continue to do that unless and until the egg prices fall in the market.”

The four companies which have been given permission to import eggs are Mim Enterprise, Tiger Trading, Prime Energy Importers and Suppliers and Arnab Trading Limited.

Four conditions have been imposed on import of eggs. First, eggs will have be imported from Avian Influenza or Bird Flu free countries; secondly, certificates from the authorities concerned empowered by the exporting countries will have to be submitted declaring that each consignment of imported eggs is free from Avian Influenza or harmful bacteria.

Besides, goods which are prohibited cannot be imported and the government’s other regulations will have been followed strictly.

The minister added that the imported eggs are expected to arrive within a week of opening the Letters of Credit (LCs). It will start in a few days.  The imported eggs will be allowed to sell at Tk 12 each at the retail level which has been fixed by the government earlier.

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