Hajj registration begins Nov 15

The registration of hajj for the year 2024 under government and private management will begin on Wednesday (November 15) and will continue up to December 10.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs made the announcement in a notice on Saturday. According to the notice, hajj pilgrims of government and private management (hajj agencies) can deposit registration money from November 15.

The registration fee will be collected till December 10.

The holy Hajj will be held on June 16 next year, depending on the sighting of the moon.

It is said that 127,198 Bangladeshi will be able to perform hajj in 2024. Among them, 10,198 people can perform hajj under the government management while 1,17,000 people will be under private hajj management, according to the ministry.

The hajj fee is estimated at Tk 5.78 lakh for general package while the special package will cost Tk 9.36 lakh. According to the circular, the pre-registration fee is set at Tk 29,000.

The Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB) will announce the hajj package in coordination with the government hajj package.

The notice also informs that if the cost of hajj increases for any reason, it will be considered a package price.

For registration, the passport of pilgrims should be valid till December 30 of next year.

The package information will be provided prior to the registration and once registered, there will be no scope for a change. However, if one fails to make the trip, the amount will be refunded after deducting the amount already spent in the process.

Hajj agencies will provide a written contract for the pilgrim, specifying the package facilities and programmes. The agency can replace a maximum of 5% of its registered pilgrims, the notice informed.

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