Government can’t be ousted through secret attacks: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said her government can’t be overthrown by carrying out clandestine attacks as the people are not behind the opposition movement.

She asserted, “What can they do by imposing blockades? They want to topple the government. But how can they overthrow the government? The government can’t be ousted by clandestine attacks.”

The premier was addressing a huge public rally arranged by Narsingdi district Awami League at Mosleh Uddin Bhuiyan Stadium in Narsingdi.

She said if the people don’t join, a movement can’t be waged. “BNP is a terrorist party. Jamaat is a party of war criminals. The people of this country can’t hear their words (call).”

The PM blasted BNP as it came up with blockade and strike programmes accusing them of burning the people through arson violence at a time when the students will sit for examinations this November ahead of the next general election.

“They dare not to come in public,” she said adding that they rather set buses and even ambulances on fire and burn the people, emerging from any lane.

She said BNP men beat journalists and police and lynched police in broad daylight. “They’ve utterly been violating human rights.”
The Awami League president, Sheikh Hasina, urged the people to catch and throw the arsonists in the fire. “If anyone goes to carry out arson violence and set a bus on fire, catch them and throw them in the same fire. If so, they would get a lesson otherwise not.”

Coming down heavily on BNP leader Tarique Rahman, the PM said he was involved in many offences including the August 21 grenade attack, arms smuggling and money laundering.

She mentioned, “He (Tarique) is in London fleeing from (the country) and orders to carry out arson violence, staying there. Come back to Bangladesh, if you have courage. We’ll see you for a while.”

Comparing the attack carried out by BNP men to a hospital and ambulance to the Israel bombing attack on Palestine hospital, she said the followers of BNP leader Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia attack pregnant women in ambulances. “If so, my wonder if they are bastard sons of Israel.”

AL presidium member Mohammad Abdur Razzaque and Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun also spoke at the rally presided over by Narsingdi AL president JM Taleb Hossain.


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