BNP is now an underground organization: Hasan Mahmud

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said Tarique Rahman has turned BNP into a underground and terrorists party which caused social and political trouble for their leaders and workers.

He said, “BNP is now a fugitive party by loosing public supports. The BNP leaders, from hidden place, are giving directive to their activists to carry out arson attacks. In fact, the party has been turned into an underground party.”

The minister said this while addressing a human chain programme on Tuesday in front of Jatiya Press Club held under the auspices of Bangladesh Swadhinata Parishad (BSP) in protest against BNP-Jamaat’s ongoing violence across the country in the name of movement.

Dr Hasan Mahmud said it’s not police or any government agency but BNP leaders kept their central office under lock and key after the mayhem on October 28. BNP leaders even lost courage to keep their party office open and conduct regular political works, he said posing question “How they will do politics?”

He said many BNP leaders become frustrated as Tarique Rahman is destroying the party. They are killing innocent people alive which cannot be found anywhere in the world.

The minister said Jamaat gives slogans that ‘Allah’r Ain Chai… Soth loker Shashon Chai (‘Want the law of Allah … want rule of honest people). But they didn’t make any statement against the atrocity of Israeli forces against Palestinian people.

He said BNP also didn’t make any statement against Israel. In fact, BNP and Jamaat are not only enemies of Islam, but also enemies of humanity.

About the ultimatum of the leaders of some religion based orgazations to the government, the minister said, but they (Pir) are not giving any ultimatum to Israel. Even, they didn’t tell anything about the crimes against the humanity in Gaza.

The minister said the upcoming election will be held in time. “If we can form the government again, these arsonists will be eradicated. Dialogue can be held with the political parties who are doing systematic politics. But dialogue cannot be held with terrorists and underground parties.”  

Awami League (AL) national committee member Advocate Boloram Poddar, AL south city unit joint general secretary Miraz Hossain, president of USA chapter Dr Siddiqur Rahman, Bangabandhu Gobeshona Parishad president Gani Mia Babul, BSP president Zinnat Ali Khan and AL leader MA Karim, among others, addressed the meeting.  Sabujbagh Thana unit general secretary Chittaranjan Das in the chair. BSP general secretary Shahadat Hossain conducted the event.

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