Dhaka-Washington relation is sweet: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Tuesday termed as “sweet” Dhaka’s relationship with the United States saying there was no tension over the bilateral ties between the two countries.

“We have a very sweet relation with the US. They are our friends,” he told reporters as asked for comments on existing Bangladesh-US relations at the foreign ministry in the evening.

Momen, however, added that from the viewpoint of bilateral friendship “sometimes they (US) say ‘good and bad’ about us . . . we like it”.

The foreign minister said the US gives suggestions on different matters time to time as Washington treats Dhaka as one of its ally but “when any suggestion seem not realistic, we don’t accept and they (the US) don’t mind”.

Replying to a related question, he said there was no tension in Bangladesh-US relations and called the speculation as a media hoax, accusing the newsmen of provoking speculations regarding the ties.

“There is no tension between us (Bangladesh and US) . . . tension is going on inside media . . . for god’s sake, don’t irritate them (US)” Momen added.

The minister said, on the sideline of the UN ministerial meeting on peacekeeping, held in Ghana last week, Bangladesh and the US co-hosted an event where Washington lauded Dhaka’s various roles.

Asked for comments on a US-based group that many opposition leaders and activists were arrested in Bangladesh on political grounds, he said the government didn’t arrest anyone for political reason, “people have been arrested on charge of committing terrorist acts”.

“We are not harassing anyone on political ground. We are arresting those who are engaged in acts of terrorism,” Momen said referring to destruction of public and private property and arson attacks on vehicles and innocent people in recent days.

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