Economy bouncing back: Kaikaus

Country’s economy is bouncing back quickly from the corona impact, backed by time-befitting policy supports from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, principal secretary Ahmad Kaikaus said.

Addressing a meeting at Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday, Kaikaus mentioned that average income of the households came down by 20.24 percent in August amid pandemic situation.

the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) carried out a survey titled ‘Livelihood-2020’ to review the impact of corona virus impact in daily life of people.

“Prime Minister gave 31 instructions and announced 21 stimulus packages and with the government’s policy support, we are returning quickly to previous position,” Kaikaus said.

He said that the The average income of a household in March this year was 19,425 taka which came down to 15,492 taka  in August.

According to the survey, the average monthly expenditure for each household in August this year came down by 6.14 percent compared to March this year owing to the impact of pandemic.

Kaikaus said the number of day labourers in March 2020 was 8.21 percent which came down at 4.15 percent during April to July this year due to the pandemic. The number of day labourers in September this year, however, almost returned to the pre-pandemic situation with 7.50 percent, he added.

He said the number of businessmen came down sharply during April to July this year at around 10 percent which was 17.43 percent in March this year before the pandemic could launch its attack in the country

Kaikaus informed that the government has already disabused the special fund for the export-oriented industries with Taka 5,000 crore.

He said the highest amount of 330 billion taka was allocated for providing working capital facility to the affected industries and services sector organisations and business community is receiving the incentive regularly.

Principal Secretary further informed that government allocated 200 billion taka stimulus package for supplying working capital to the small (including cottage industries) and medium industrial enterprises and Bangladesh Bank introduced Export Development Fund (EDF) with 127.5 billion taka.



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