Brithday tribute to AB

The fifty ninth birth anniversary of late rock maestro Ayub Bachchu (AB) has been observed on Monday who known and admired by music lovers as legendary singer, guitarist, composer, songwriter, musician and founder of popular band LRB.

Born on August 16, 1962, in Patiya, Chattogram to Ishaque Chowdhury and Nurjahan Begum, Bachchu graduated from Government Muslim High School in 1975.

He started his music career with the band named Feelings in 1977, where he played as the lead guitarist alongside the most popular contemporary rock star James, another rock legend of the country, for the next two years.

In 1980, he joined and continued playing for the melodious band named Souls alongside famous singers and musicians such as Tapan Chowdhury, Naquib Khan, Kumar Bishwajit and more, continued as the band’s lead guitarist till 1990, and finally formed his own, full-fledged rock-themed band LRB (Love Runs Blind) in 1991.

LRB started pretty strong with a surprise release of their first venture as a double album LRB-I and LRB-II, featuring many of its popular songs like Ghum Vanga Shohore, Shesh Chithi, Madhobi and more. Soon, LRB started to become popular for their tunes and presentations with balanced and guitar-based lyrics.

Although started as a hard rock band, LRB soon became known for their experiment with genres such as blues rock, soft rock, and psychedelic rock; and continued cementing its legacy as one of the pioneering heavy metal rock bands in Bangladesh. With Bachchu, LRB released 14 critically acclaimed albums and Ferari Mon: Unplugged Live, which was the first live album in Bangladesh.

The band went on to perform over 1,000 concerts that have included extensive performances in Bangladesh as well as tours in Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States and became the only Bangladeshi band to perform at the prestigious Madison Square Garden in New York City. Altogether, LRB changed the landscape in Bangladeshi band culture under the leadership of Ayub Bachchu.


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