Young artist Aftab is coming again with new songs

After a long hiatus, Aftab Uddin, a popular RNB singer, has returned to the music world with a new song. In 2016, the young musician became very popular with his songs.

He had earlier entered the recording world with ‘Sad Baby’ and ‘Man Song’. This year her new song titled ‘Bouncy Crash’ will be available on all platforms online. The melody and music of this song is done by Aftab Uddin himself.

This musician became very popular due to some differences in his previous songs. He took a special place in the hearts of the youth in particular. But since there was no video at that time, the songs were limited to audio only.

In this regard, Aftab Uddin said, from 2018, videos of all the songs will be released according to the needs of the listeners. And if there is enough time, I will make an official video of the previous songs.

Musician Aftab Uddin said about the new song, Like the previous songs, this song will also be in RNB format. Hope everybody enjoys it.

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