Always stay ready to defend country: PM Hasina to Armed Forces

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said Bangladesh Armed Forces must have necessary preparedness to protect the country’s independence and sovereignty keeping pace with technological development of the modern world.

“We need to have all kinds of preparedness, equipment and training to protect our country from the attack of outside enemies,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the Selection Board Meeting of Bangladesh Navy and Air Force at Dhaka Cantonment.

She joined the meeting at the headquarters of the Navy and Air Force through video conferencing from her official residence Gonobhaban.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh never wants war with any country, rather it wants peace as no country can achieve desired development without peace as war only brings more destruction.

However, the government is building the armed forces in such a way that if attacked, Bangladesh can readily defend its independence.

Hasina made it clear Bangladesh must have all necessary preparations to safeguard the country from any external attacks.

“We don’t want to go down the path of destruction. But if anyone attacks us, we have to make all kinds of preparations to protect our country,” she said.

The prime minister also put emphasis on attaining new technology-based knowledge and ensuring proper training using modern equipment for the members of the armed forces, including Navy and Air Force, so we can keep up with the developed world in technological advances.

She said efficient, qualified and IT knowledge-based future leadership would be able to make the Navy and Air Force more modern and time befitting.

Referring to the foreign policy framed by Bangabandhu, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh follows the principle of “Friendship to all and Malice to none”.

She mentioned that the country has been advancing by maintaining friendly relations efficiently with all countries in the region.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the National Defence Policy-2018 has been formulated in continuation of the defence policy of Bangabandhu, while the government is implementing the forces goal-2030 to modernise the armed forces.

About the promotion in the Navy and Air Force, Hasina asked the authorities concerned of the Navy and Air Force to select qualified leaders through wisdom and prudent analyses for promotion who will be able to lead efficiently in the future.

In this regard, the Prime Minister asked the members of the selection board so that efficient and qualified officers are not deprived of promotion.

Describing the success stories of the Navy and Air Force, Hasina said, they are now recognised as very well-disciplined and efficient forces at home and abroad.

They achieved honour and dignity for Bangladesh and brightened the image of the country abroad through their dutifulness in the international arena, she added.

The Prime Minister termed herself as a servant of people saying she has been working tirelessly with the motto of services for the welfare of people.

She sought cooperation of the armed forces, including the members of the Navy and the Air Force, in serving any cause of the state.


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