Getting released Jallad Shah Jahan, who is the most imprisoned person in the world

Nelson Mandela once held the world record for the longest time Shahjahan wants freedomin prison (27 years). And by breaking that record, Shah Jahan of Bangladesh has been imprisoned for the longest time (32 years) in the whole world. But the difference is that Shah Jahan is a real criminal. He hanged the highest number of convicts (26) in Bangladesh. But many people in the world or the country do not know about him.


Released, what to do you now? Shajahan, who has been in jail for 30 years, burst into tears after hearing the question. He said, “30 years is a long time. After being in jail for so long now I don’t want to do any more crime. I have made mistakes in life. Now I have no one to talk to. I have never had a family in my life. Currently I don’t have any house. I heard that I have a sister and a niece. But I have never met them. Now I am going to someone’s house in Nardda area of ​​Bashundhara. I met with him while in prison. Then I don’t know where and how I will live my life.”


The executioner Shahjahan hanged 6 assassins of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman including Abdul Majed. Abdul Quader Mollah, Salauddin Quader Chowdhury of BNP, Secretary General of Jamaat Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Mollake, Mir Kasem Ali were sentenced to death for crimes against humanity. This Shahjahan hanged. (Shahjahan did not participate in the hanging of Matiur Rahman Nizami as he was ill.) He also hanged Bangladesh’s notorious terrorist Ershad Shikder, militant leader Banglabhai, Ataur Rahman Sani, Sharmin Reema murder accused Munir, Daisy murder case accused Hasan. He is the only executioner who hanged four convicts in two prisons in one night. And all this he is doing to reduce the sentence.

Matiur Rahman Nizami

If you go to collect the news about the punishment of war criminals or the punishment of Bangabandhu’s murderers, you will know a little bit about this Shah Jahan from the prison authorities. But a man who has seen him closely, heard his story is Advocate Md. AK Khandaker Azad. I will hear the rest from his mouth. Before that, let’s know some life stories of executioner Shah Jahan.


Full name: Shahjahan Bhuiyan. Born on March 26, 1950. Place of birth is Ichakhali village of Ghazaria union of Palash upazila of Narsingdi. Father’s name is Hasan Ali Bhuiyan. He passed SSC in 1974. His National Identity Card Number is 2691649106129. He is single in personal life.



Professional life:

After three years in the army, he stubbornly returned home due to bullying by senior officers. Absent from work for 11 months, his dream of serving in the army was buried there.

Political Life:

After the War of Independence, Shahjahan became active in the Narsingdi District Communist Party. After seeing his performance, he was called from the center. When asked to give him the responsibility of the Communist Party President of Narsingdi district, he agreed. He officially took charge of the district in 1976.

Why he is accused:

Once an incident happened to a woman in her village. Shah Jahan’s two friends were accused in his name. He was put on trial in the village. In that trial he was found guilty and sentenced. Since then his anger started. Unable to bear the humiliation, he decided to enter the world of crime and avenge the humiliation.

After the incident that killed the woman, he was included in the list of a well-known terrorist in Bangladesh. Moreover, since he joined the Communist Party, his demand for any operation continued to increase day by day. Among them, he did a significant operation in Madaripur district in 1979. And that was the last operation in his life. After completing his operation there, he tried to return to Dhaka via Manikganj. Based on secret information, the police came to know that Shah Jahan’s party would go to Dhaka via Manikganj.

When the police check post was established in Manikganj, Shahjahan came to know about it through his forces in that area. After knowing everything, he remained firm in his decision to return to Dhaka through that area. He fought a gun battle with the police in Manikganj throughout the night but the police could not catch him. After reaching Dhaka, when he left for Narsingdi, the police arrested him every time. This was the end of his dynamic life and the beginning of his prison life.

Executioner Shah Jahan

Case and Punishment:

A total of 36 cases were registered in his name before and after his arrest in 1979. Among them 1 weapons case, 1 robbery case and remaining 34 murder cases. He spent 17 years in prison as a kidnapper from 1979 to 1995 without being sentenced due to judicial delays. In 1995 he was sentenced to 143 years!! Later, he was sentenced to 43 years in prison, with 100 years in prison. The date of Shahjahan’s release from jail is written on his jail card as “Date of Release 2035”. Then he will be 85 years old.

Shahjahan wrote his name on the list of executioners as he was released with a reduced sentence:

Shah Jahan thought that his sentence would be reduced for a few days if he served time as an executioner. Therefore, to prepare himself in another way, he expressed his interest to write his name in the executioner’s register to the jail superintendent. First, in 1989, he started his life as an executioner by hanging Nurul Islam of Gafargaon as an associate executioner. This is the first time in his life that someone has been hanged in prison. After 8 years in 1997, after seeing his merit, the prison authorities gave him the seat of chief executioner. After becoming the chief executioner, Hasan, the accused in the Daisy murder case, was hanged for the first time. He said that it takes 6 accomplices along with the chief executioner to carry out a hanging and if the sentence of hanging is executed, the imprisonment of each executioner is waived for 2 months and 4 days. Besides, Shah Jahan trained those who expressed their desire to become executioners in the prison through the prison authorities.

the prisoners


Shahjahan is finally getting released.
                                                                                         Farhana Haque Nila
                                                                                         Senior Reporter
                                                                                          News Now Bangla


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