Children at Risk for Covid: Risks and Actions for Autistic Children

Ten-year-old Farhan (pseudonym) is a special child. At the age of five he suddenly had a seizure one day. After that, although the seizures subsided with medical treatment, the mental health development slowed down. The doctor said that he has developed symptoms of autism. His mother Neela Rahman has seen a lot of changes in his behavior since he was confined to the house due to Corona. Although she used to cry a lot before, she is quiet now because her father is always at home. But there is always an impression of fear and tension on his face. Sometimes serious about going out.


A five-year-old little boy named Mahadi (pseudonym). He is also an autistic child. Mother Farhana Yasmeen is highly educated and employed. Corona saw many changes in Mahadi’s behavior from house arrest. For reasons, screaming for no reason, not wanting to eat, sleep less. He hurts himself when he is angry.



Autistic children like Farhan and Nadeem are at a lot of risk in the time of Corona, said Sajida Rahman Danny, founder president of PFDA-Vocational Training Center TAST, a private organization for autistic children.


He said that autistic children need a lot of social interaction to develop their mental health. But due to corona, their mental health is suffering a lot of damage which is not visible. Anxiety or stress is being created in them. Therefore, at this time, autistic children should be kept active in various activities.


He said that if the corona virus spreads in other countries of the world, they have made some plans at that time. Online classes are now being taken for these children. Teachers and parents have been trained on online classes. He said that the curriculum has been prepared in this regard. Within a week, the app will also be prepared.
And for the children who are not associated with any organization or school, Sajida Rahman said, the parents of these children should always keep the children active in some activity. Engage in pleasurable activities such as watching movies, playing various types of games. They should be kept happy at all times.


Taufiq Hasan Rajan runs a special school for autistic children with 30 children. Occupational therapist Rajan said, now the school is closed. Parents of autistic children say over the phone that the children are behaving very hyper since being confined at home. Screaming, not wanting to eat, sleep less and often hurt themselves.
So his advice to parents is to involve children in relatively heavy work at home. He talked about adding heavy objects to and from the house, crawling, carrying them to the roof, pulling the rope. Taufiq Hasan Rajan also advised to be happy at all times.

Farhana Haque Nila

Senior Reporter

News Now Bangla

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