Poetry Evening of “From the Northern Hemisphere” held in Canada

During the pandemic, amid discussions of pure Bengali poetry and recitations, one online organization stood out, and that was “উত্তরের জানালায়” – “From the Northern Hemisphere,”  says a press release.

“From The Northern Hemisphere” or “উত্তরের জানালায়” – Where creativity permeates the air, in the warmth of artistic endeavor, in the embrace of love. From these creative works, it transcends into the boundless web – reaching everyone’s doorstep – with a shared vision of poetry-related events. It began its journey on February 21, 2022, as “From The Northern Hemisphere.” Sabuj Haque and Flora Shuchi led the way.

“From The Northern Hemisphere” or “উত্তরের জানালায়” organizers and Bangla Reciters were able to create a robust network of Bangla reciters from all over the world. Some of the famous and legendary reciters like Dr. Bhaswar Banerjee , Jayanta Chattopadhyay and Ashraful Alam and not to forget our popular reciters like Mir Barkat, Rupa Chakraborty, Nazmul Ahsan, Dr. Amitav Kanjilal, Parvez Chowdhury, Belayet Hossain and many more.

Over the past few years, with a membership of 2,000 participants, the organization has won hearts with its diverse and exceptional recitation programs, regularly broadcasted, celebrating the art of poetry from various continents, countries, and cities.

While many organizations struggled to remain active or had to suspend their activities during the pandemic, “From The Northern Hemisphere” or “উত্তরের জানালায়” displayed unwavering commitment and hard work in keeping the practice and celebration of Bangla poetry alive through recitations and online seminars with legendary Bangla scholars.

“From The Northern Hemisphere” or “উত্তরের জানালায়” took the initiative to transcend the boundaries of the virtual world and make their mark on the stage. After a successful event in Dhaka for the first time, with the support of poetry enthusiasts, poets, and reciters, “Toronto’s Enchanting Poetry Evening” will take place at Toronto Nandan Mancha on October 7th at 6 PM. Bangla Reciters from America, Bangladesh, and Canada will participate and present “কাব্য গীতি আলেখ্য” – “দেখা হলো বছর কুড়ি পর.”

Recitations by: Jinat Jahan (Oklahoma, USA) Mahbuba Runa (Tennessee, USA),

Asif Choudhury and Munima Sharmin (Toronto, Canada),  Joni Francis Gomez and Flora Shuchi (Toronto, Canada), Sabuj Haque (Ottawa, Canada),  Samira Samad (Dhaka, Bangladesh), Sumon Haque (Dhaka, Bangladesh).

Music by: Edward Milton (Toronto, Canada).  Event Operations: Rifat Nooreen (Toronto, Canada) Manobi Mridha (Toronto, Canada).  Camera Telecast & Live Streaming:

Jana Shami (Toronto, Canada), Shireen Baby (Dhaka, Bangladesh).  Script Compilation and Writing by: Fariha Rahman,  Sabuj Haque,  Samira Samad,  Shireen Aktar.  Grand Sponsor: Farida Haque, The Royal Pillar.  Honorable Sponsors:

Joachim Victor Gomez and Ashraf Khan, Sabrina Sultan and Jamal Hossain, Mohammad Kayser Rahman and Rowshan Ara Islam, Kalyani Indian Cuisine.

Networking & Coordinating: Tushi Sharmin (Toronto, Canada). Virtual Team: In Bangladesh: Samira Samad,  Sumon Haque,  Shirin Aktar In Tennessee: Mahbuba Runa  In Missouri: Shams Kalam In Toronto: Manobi Mridha. Overall Coordination: Flora Shuchi.  Direction and Production: Sabuj Haque.


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