Use of information technology to reduce Covid 19 infections

Farhana Nila: The whole world has come to a standstill because of covid 19. The only way to prevent the spread of the virus is to avoid contact with other people. But how is that possible? Every day people have to face thousands of tasks starting from getting food. The use of information technology has been instrumental in preventing this virus from spreading to humans. Much of the covid infection has been brought under control in the country using information technology.

Use of information technology to reduce corona infections

Lockdown is going on in the country now. People are doing office sitting at home. All important meetings can be arranged online using information technology. People are buying raw market online. People are shopping online. And in this way, through the online service, people have got many necessary things starting from the daily market sitting at home. So the need for people to go out of the house has decreased a lot. It can be said that the infection has been kept under control through the use of information technology.

Use of information technology to reduce corona infections

Ventilators are more needed for covid patients. Ireland-based company Medtronic has stood by Bangladesh in the ventilator crisis. With their help, world class ventilators are being made in the country under the supervision of the Ministry of ICT.

In the meantime, the work has been completed by Walton, an electronics manufacturing company of the country. This ventilator will come to the market soon after getting the government approval.

Use of information technology to reduce corona infections

Engineer Golam Murshed, Executive Director, Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited, said, Walton is working on medical devices such as ventilators, PAPR (power air purifier respirators), oxygen concentrators, UV disinfectants, safety goggles, protective shields, respiratory masks and more. Work is currently underway on research and development (research and development) and the design of this treatment device. Despite the lockdown, Walton’s engineers are still working. They are doing their utmost to make the necessary medical equipment to deal with the coronavirus considering the emergency situation in the country.

Use of information technology to reduce corona infections

Meanwhile, as the number of Kovid-19 patients continues to rise in the country, the government has launched a ‘contact tracing app’. This app will work to find the infected person.

Use of information technology to reduce corona infections

State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak said, These apps continue to play a great role in corona coping. His ministry is working to connect the app to feature phones in the future. After downloading the Contact_Tracing app, leaving the location of the smartphone and Bluetooth on, it will send the history of those who are within one or two meters to our database. If someone walks near the victim, he or she will receive an alert on the smartphone. Even if the people who come in contact with him are positive after a few days, they will still get a warning from the smartphone. In that case, necessary advice will be                                                                                                         given by phone.

In the context of Corona, online classes are being conducted in the institutional education activities of students in lockdown across the country. The lower court is running through the virtual court system platform.

It is already possible to reach out to 100 million citizens by spreading awareness content through social media, billboards and other means including Bangladesh Television. At the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19, the Corona Portal was launched to provide any advice to the citizens regarding the corona virus. Helpline 333 for all services including Corona Information Services, Telemedicine Services, Emergency Food Assistance, Self Corona Testing.

Doctors have received training through e-learning courses on corona. Besides, the ICT Ministry has taken various initiatives including filling up online corona test forms, launching helpline and portal.


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