‘Immortal hero’ Salman Shah’s death anniversary today

Today is the death anniversary of the immortal hero Salman Shah. On this day in 1996, he left for the land of no return leaving numerous of his fans trembling and sobbing in tears.

The hero of the dreams is still in the hearts of the fans. It has been 25 years since he passed away. Talking about the heroes of Dhaka cinema, his films came to the fore. The people in the film said, “Even today no one has been able to fill the void left by Salman Shah. Salman Shah is still alive today through his work.”

His original name was Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. Afterwards, when he came into the film industry he adopted the name Salman Shah. He was born on 29 September 1970 in Sylhet. His father’s name is Komar Uddin Chowdhury and mother’s name is Neela Chowdhury. He was the eldest son of the family.

Salman Shah got married on August 12, 1992. His wife’s name is Samira. His body was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his home in Eskaton on September 6, 1996 .  His name is written in golden letters in the hearts of millions of fans.

The day Salman Shah died, mourning spread across the country. Unable to bear the grief, many devotees chose the path of suicide.

However, Salman Shah’s family has been accusing his wife of murder since the beginning. Salman Shah had skyrocketing stardom through films. In the nineties, the movie industry became very dependent on Salman. Two decades after the death of Hero Chowdhury Mohammad Shahriar Emon alias Salman Shah, the mystery of his death has not been revealed yet. Salman Shah’s family rejected the CID and judicial investigation report citing unnatural death. The PBI later gave the same report.

He started his film career with the movie ‘Kemata Theke Keyamat’ directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan. Salman Shah became very popular with this film acting opposite to Moushumi. After that he acted in 27 movies in his career most of which gained vast popularity.

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